Bank accounts of the Registry Agency

Stamp duties for the services provided by the registers kept by the Registry Agency are paid to the following bank accounts

BG39 CREX 9260 3314 5487 00 – Transit account servicing the Registry Agency

BG52 CREX 9260 3114 5495 01 – Transit account servicing the BULSTAT Register and the Register of Property Relationships of Spouses

BG36 CREX 9260 3114 5494 01 – Transit account servicing the Commercial Register

BG21 CREX 9260 3114 5487 01 – Transit account servicing the Property Register

TB TOKUDA BANK AD, Central Office, Sofia 1000, 21, George Washington St., BIC code: CREXBGSF.

When completing a payment order / credit advice for payment from / to the budget, the register for which the stamp duty is paid has to be filled in the “grounds for payment” box (Property Register stamp duty, Commercial Register stamp duty, BULSTAT and RPRS, Experts deposits, Procurement contract guarantees)

Transfers and payments at the cash desk to the accounts of the Registry Agency can be made in the offices of all commercial banks in Bulgaria, as well as in the offices of the Registry Agency.



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