Alerts, complaints and proposals

Any citizen or organisation can submit proposals and alerts to the executive director of the Registry Agency. They are accepted at the records department of the Registry Agency at 20, Elisaveta Bagriana St. in Sofia and can also be e-mailed to office@registryagency.b

Proposals can be made to the executive director in relation to the discharge of his functions within  his competence as a body of the executive, as well as for improvement of the organisation and activities of the Registry Agency.

Alerts can be submitted with regard to abuse of power and corruption, unlawful and inappropriate acts or failure to act by administrative bodies and administrative officers in the Registry Agency.

Proposals and alerts can be oral and written.

Written proposals and alerts are mailed, faxed or delivered to the records department of the Registry Agency where they are registered.

Oral proposals and alerts are heard on an announced reception day of the executive director or on phone 02/9486 181.

Proceedings are not instituted on anonymous proposals or alerts or on alerts concerning violations made more than two years ago.

A decision on a proposal or an alert is taken within two months from the registration or arrival thereof, as the case may be, and is notified to the submitter within 7 days after it is taken.

Second alerts on matters on which a decision has been issued are not assigned for examination unless they relate to the implementation of the decision or are based on new facts and circumstances.

Alerts against officers of the Agency are examined pursuant to the Internal rules for registration and examination of proposals and alerts against officers of the Registry Agency approved with an order of the executive director. The rules establish a procedure for processing of proposals and alerts which ensures objective and lawful decisions are issued on alerts against officers’ unlawful or inappropriate acts of failure to act affecting the rights and lawful interests of individuals and legal persons.


Last modified Jan. 6, 2015, 3:17 p.m.