The registry offices make:

  • Entry of real property acts;
  • Entry of applications and decisions issued thereon;
  • Entry of mortgages, pledges under the Registered Pledges Act (RPA);
  • Entry and deletion of foreclosures and other collateral;
  • Other acts in the cases provided by law.

According to Article 2 and subs. of the Tariff of Stamp Duty Collected by the Registry Agency, stamp duty on the price at which the act or document is charged, or on the value of the claim, in an amount of 0,1 per cent but not less than BGN 10 is charged for the entry of registrable acts and documents. Recordations and deletions are charged half the stamp duty under Article 2. The entry of a certificate of registered pledge on a business enterprise the assets whereof include real property is charged BGN 80. The entry of waiver of real rights on real property and the entry of foreclosures are charged BGN 15.

The application is submitted:

a) for notarial act – by the notary drawing up the act;

b) for any other act – by the parties to the act, a notary or a person interested in the entry.

The application contains the following requisites:

a) description of the act entry whereof is applied for;

b) description of the property;

c) exact data about the owners;

d) descriptions of the documents attached.

The following must be enclosed to the application:

a) document evidencing payment of stamp duty;

b) the documents described in the application or such other documents as may be required by the registrar judge.



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