Reimbursement of stamp duty overpaid or unduly paid to the accounts of the BULSTAT Register

Procedure for applying for and reimbursement of stamp duty overpaid or unduly paid to the accounts of the Registry Agency for the property register, Commercial Register, BULSTAT register and the register of property relationships of spouses:

1. An application form is filled in and filed to the executive director of the Registry Agency on behalf of the natural or legal person applying for reimbursement of the amount. Applicant’s exact correspondence address and telephone number, full name and personal identification number have to be specified in the application.

2.   The exact amount to be released and the reasons for reimbursement are specified, as well as the bank and the account number of the person.

3.  An original or certified copy of the payment order with which the amount has been paid to the account of the Agency is attached to the application. The following has to be written on the copy:

for amounts paid for services provided under the BULSTAT Register Act:

  • A resolution by the registrar judge that the amount concerned has not been used;
  • Signature of the registrar.


The application is filed in person or mailed to: Registry Agency, POB 1111, Sofia, 20, Elisaveta Bagriana St.

Amounts are reimbursed by bank transfer only.


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